Shipping Agency & Service

Shipping Agency & Service is an activity of Kyriakakis Group  which was started in 1979 in Chania, Crete.

Our experienced multilingual staff offer a  prompt, efficient and professional service which has earned our company an impressive reputation in the travel industry. 

The advantages of our island and especially of Chania for shipping business are great due to the fact that the Port of Souda is not only the host to a NATO base but it is also a Greek Navy Base as well as a large commercial port.
The port's strategic location next to international maritime routes makes it a gateway for traffic between the countries of the European Union and the East while at the same time it is a link between the Adriatic, the Balkans and the areas around the Black Sea.

For the last 20 years, Kyriakakis shipping has acted as agent and ship supplier for a wide variety of ships. By a process of constant specialization and adjustment to the changing needs and challenges of our times we are proud to be able to present written proof of our A class standard of services to HMS vessels of the British Royal Navy fleet, support vessels of the Royal Auxiliary Fleet and American, Australian, Royal Navy and Norwegian warships as well as from a number of cruises ships. Over the last 15 years Souda port has become a port of special interest for all military operations passing through the region.

Nowadays Souda holds first place as a choice for refuelling, rest and recreation and re-provisioning for the majority of passing ships. Kyriakakis Shipping can provide all the services necessary to ensure a vessels smooth and problem free visit at short notice. We have firsthand knowledge of the various requests and services that are required including
  • Provisions
  • Refuelling
  • Slops discharging
  • Garbage disposal
  • Crane services
  • Cargo Operation
  • Liberty boat transfers (HANIA 1 Maritime Company is under group ownership)
  • Bus & taxi transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Air tickets
  • Crew arrangements (Immigration and Port Police clearance)
As a well known and well respected local agency in Chania we have very good and close relations with suppliers in the area. This means that we are able to offer extremely competitive rates to your company concerning vessel requirements, transport and accommodation.

Kyriakakis  head  office is located in the town center of Chania with the advantage of short distances from the majority of the local authorities’ offices.
The office is equipped with the latest facilities and computer systems and staffed by highly trained and experienced personnel. We are ready to meet the needs of the most demanding customer, offering conscientious, friendly, courteous and prompt service.

Kyriakakis Travel acted till the end of 2005, as Sub-Agent for INCHCAPE SHIPPING SERVICES and represented HMS vessels of British Royal Navy and auxiliary vessels for both the British Royal Navy & the American fleet. In addition we also represent a number of cruise ships visiting Souda Bay. This is done under the authority of shipping agent & travel agent (offering sightseeing tours, transfers and accommodation) In our long line of representation the Royal Norwegian Fleet has also been one of our many customers.
This part of our organization in synchronisation with the rest of our companys services makes for the providing of the best possible service to vessels at the best possible rates. Our staff consists of 6 persons with experience in husbanding services for the British Royal Navy Fleet that our company served the last eleven years with great success and high quality of service.
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