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A unique excursion you can't afford to miss!!!

The Pirate Islandand the Venetian fortress of Gramvoussa, the Crystal clear waters and the white coral sand of Balos Lagoon will make time stand still on this amazing cruise trip to the North Western point of Crete.


The boat departs at 10.50 o' clock from Kissamos Port. The ancient shipyard of Tarsanas and the geological phenomenon of land elevation of Crete, which is rising out of the sea in the west and sinking in the east can be seen during the 1 hour cruise.

A refreshing dive into the crystal clear waters of the Balos Lagoon which is our first destination will give you something to remember for a long time. Your three hour stay in this protected for its beauty by the European Union, area is enough time to get a super suntan.

The small harbour of Gramvoussa Island, which used to be the shelter of the Cretan Pirates is our next destination. The Venetian castle and the countless battles that took place there during the liberation war of the Cretans against the Turks,  the pirate myths and stories about hidden treasures waiting for you to discover them, will make your heart beat faster during your one and a half hour stay.
The boat departs at 17:00 for Kissamos harbour where the bus will be  waiting to take you back to your Hotel.


See video for the cruise!!!!

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