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A relaxing day cruise around the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean and one of the largest in the world is an ideal way to top up your tan and to admire the sights of the gulf of Souda bay.


Boarding is around 10.00 and after our departure from Souda harbour we set off in an easterly direction.

The first stop is the fishing village of Almirida. We have time to enjoy the beautiful sea area there with the crystal clear waters. The coast is full of natural caves made by the sea and after our first swim we continue to the “Cape of Drapano”. The cave is on the eastern edge of the bay and as we enter the cave with the boat you have the opportunity to take some amazing pictures or videos and admire the natural scenery.

We then change course to head south-west towards Marathi beach. We dock on the small pier by the beach. There is plenty of time and so you can enjoy the sandy beach of Marathi and sun and visit the archaeological remains that have been found in the area.

During our trip, our ship’s bar is open and you can be provided with refreshments, snacks and drinks e.t.c. After Marathi we sail back to the port of Souda.
On our way back we sail past the island of Souda** where you can take pictures of the Venetian castle featured in the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only”.
The arrival back to the port is around 16.00.


**The island of Souda is open to the public every Sunday. You can go there with our Sunday cruise

***Due to weather conditions the order of the programme may change


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