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Black sand white sun bleached buildings and deep blue sea are the colours that confront you as the cruise ship approaches Santorini.
No other island compares with the wild beauty of this volcanic island.
Our departure is 08.00 from Rethymnon harbour with the catamaran speed boat and we'll be in Santorini in aproximately 2 hours.
Thira is the capital of Santorini and it rises 400 m above sea level and sits on top of a sheer cliff face. There is a choice of walking, riding a donkey or taking the cable car to ascend to the city. Contrasting layers of volcanic pumice stone and soil bear witness to the volcanic eruption that occurred 3.500 years ago, causing three quarters of the island to sink into the sea.
The measure of the catastrophe and the ruins of an advanced civilisation found at Akrotiri have led many archaeologist to believe that Santorini is the legendary Atlantis.
The intense character and unique fascination of this island will intoxicate you as much as the taste of the full-bodied local wine and the view from the rim of the volcano will stay in your memory long after your visit is over.
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