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The Palace of Knossos dates from 2500 BC and is a “must see” during your stay on Crete.Our journey takes us early in the morning eastwards along the coastline to Heraklion, the island's capital. During the two hour trip we stop halfway near Rethymnon for breakfast. Our arrival at Heraklion is around 10 o'clock and our first stop is the Palace of Knossos. Our guide takes us through the galleries and rooms of the Palace where the power and vitality of a long ago era is so strikingly present.  The great Minoan civilisation was the first advanced civilization of the whole Europe and you can see evidence of how people lived and worked during this period. Knossos was the Royal Palace of King Minos and is wonderfully decorated with frescoes depicting lively scenes in vibrant colours. After a short drive we arrive at Heraklion's Archaeological Museum which houses all the original pieces from Knossos and other archaeological sites including frescoes, intricate gold jewellery and engraved linguistic tablets of the period. Afterwards you have free time to stroll around  the city and go for lunch. The departure is 15:30 and the arrival back to Chania is approximately 18.00.
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