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No holiday in Crete is complete without a walk through the Samaria Gorge. At 18 kilometres it is the longest in Europe.A stunning drive of 1 hour to the White Mountains is required to reach the Plateau of Omalos and after a short stop at a cafe for breakfast the start of the walk begins at Xyloskalo.

Descending the 600 wooden steps you will be intrigued by the beauty and serenity of this massive gorge which is shadowed by the White Mountains.  The trail thins out to a mountain path winding through the gorge where you can see the caves which once sheltered Cretan partizans during war periods but are now left to the rare Cretan "Kri-kri" goat.  The magnificent wild and unspoilt scenery and flora that you will see along the way is unrivalled anywhere in Crete. The narrowest point of the Gorge named “the Iron Gates” make for unforgettable scenery.

The small fishing village of Agia Roumeli at the end of the Gorge is built on the ruins of Tara which was a strong and independent town in ancient years. There is time for lunch and a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Lybian Sea before the ferry boat departs at 15.45. A one hour cruise along the south coast will end at Chora Sfakion which is the capital of the province.  Completely satisfied, you ponder over the magnificence of nature and the accomplishment of tackling Europe's longest gorge. Good walking shoes sun cream and a hat are essential. Also a light salty snack and a small water bottle that you can refill in the springs inside the Gorge are all you need to carry with you. All the others is a responsibility of ours...

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